Instead of desert-like heat:

Pleasantly cool summer temperatures even below the roof, with LINITHERM insulation systems

Keeping a cool head even on hot days

The sun influences the outside temperature and, via windows, in particular, skylights, also the room temperature. Sun protection on the outside of windows and French windows is therefore one of the most effective measures. The two graphs clearly show the temperature differences. Without sun protection, the room temperature exceeds 30°C, with sun protection, it is a mere 24°C approximately. In addition, thorough ventilation during the cooler night or morning hours can significantly influence the room temperature. The components of the house cool down to be able to absorb heat during the day.

Phase shifts and types of insulation materials

It may be surprising, but the type of insulating material is of very little importance to heat protection in the summer. The room temperature is almost identical even with different insulation materials, as can be easily seen from the graphs below.

Even the phase shift is nearly identical across the insulation materials. Phase shift refers to the period between the occurrence of the highest temperature on the outside of a component and reaching the highest temperature on its inside.

The difference is, however, in the insulation thickness. And here rigid PU foam with its minimal structure heights and optimum insulation performance is simply unbeatable.

Air and/or room temperature on the hottest day of a summer week without sun protection
Air and/or room temperature on the hottest day of a summer week with sun protection with sun protection