Advantages of PU

PU rigid foam - the insulation material with the perfect features

Our insulation systems and building elements made of the high-performance insulation material PU rigid foam have many benefits:

Cold protection
Low thermal conductivity λD 0,022 up to λD 0,025/0,026/0,028 acc. to DIN EN 13165

Very thin
Maximum insulation with minimum panel thickness

The insulation elements are easy to transport and can be installed quickly an easily, are pressure resistant (120 kPa) and dimensionally accurate & stable

Moisture resistant
Moisture resistant, does not rot, is resistant against fugi, microbes, does not decompose

Sound proof
With LINITHERM insulation systems, you can receive solutions with which you can also meet increased sound protection requirements

No mold
PU rigid foam has an excellent mould resistance when performed properly. LINITHERM PAL SIL for the exterior wall insulation from the inside ensures with the room sided silicate board a surface which is insensitive to mould and moisture

Free of allergen
Odorless and physiologically safe

No electrosmog
LINITHERM Insulation systems ensure an excellent protection against eletric smog

PU ridig foam is recyclable

Fire protection
The insulation systems based on PU rigid foam are offered in class B2 according to DIN 4102 - normally inflammable - the producr LINITHERM PAL W with fire behavior class C-s2, d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1 - of low flammability

We provide 10 years of system performance in case of using the LINITHERM accessory products in addition to our LINITHERM upon rafter insulation system.
The installation instructions of company Linzmeier have to be observed and the roof construction has to be executed according to standards and specifications

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