“pure life” eco-label

pure-life - Achten Sie auf dieses Zeichen"pure life" ensures that our PU insulating materials with the label will meet the particularly stringent requirements on ingredients and the release of volatile substances (VOC or formaldehyde).
Furthermore, it is forbidden during production to use substances that are classified as carcinogenic, teratogenic or mutagenic. Halogen-based foaming agents such as HFCs and flame retardants such as HBCD or TCEP are also excluded. It is not allowed to use phthalates as softeners.

Better than other quality standards
Insulating materials with the “pure life” label are subject to far more stringent emission thresholds.

Emission-tested by independent institutions
The basis for awarding the "pure life" label and its testing standards have been devised by the Fraunhofer Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut (WKI), which also awards the label.
Our production facilities are annually reviewed by independent, accredited testing and certification bodies.

Sustainably manufactured by us using renewable energies
Only insulation material products that have been emission-tested and come from a monitored production facility such as ours may receive the “pure life” label.

LINZMEIER insulating materials offer another benefit: our production facilities use renewable energies such as solar or geothermal power during manufacturing.

This is what you yourself can do for a healthy home
Pleasant temperatures and good indoor air are essential for our well-being. Insulated ceilings and walls ensure warm surfaces and therefore rooms without draughts. The insulation used must not release any harmful substances into the room. Another source of hazardous substances in living spaces may be open fires, gas heaters, furniture or carpets and rugs. Therefore, choose low-emission furnishings and building material—look for the “pure life” label when deciding on your insulation material.

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