Acting with ecological responsibility made easy—
with insulation that protects the climate and the environment

Expert insulation saves expensive heating energy. This reduces CO2 emissions, which seem to contribute to the greenhouse effect. But how many climate-damaging emissions are actually saved by insulating?

Insulating saves valuable energy resources
Heating buildings is one of the biggest energy consumers in the private sector. Expert building insulation is one of the most efficient means to save heating energy for the long term. Every bit of energy that is not needed saves available energy resources and, furthermore, reduces the environmental impact caused by generating energy.

Using less heating energy helps the environment
Using less heating energy means less impact on nature: a roof without insulation causes 26.1kg of CO2 emissions per sqm of roof area; compare that to only 3kg with LINITHERM insulation! Therefore, roofs without insulation are a waste of resources par excellence.

How much insulation does for the climate
Since 1980, for example, facade insulation saved the environment 93 billion litres of heating oil and therefore 279t of CO2-pollution (FIW).

The ecological ROI of insulating is generally under 3 years.
Investing in thermal insulation pays off by saving on heating costs. You can accurately calculate that for any single building. If you insulate, you also have more money available and a good conscience about your environmental footprint.

The ecological ROI of investment expenditure is 3 years if you factor in the costs for manufacturing, transportation, processing and recycling that you save during the usage period.

The Environmental Product Declaration according to DIN ISO 14025 provides a basis for sustainable construction and environmental assessment of buildings.

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