You would like to live in a healthy environment? Insulation brings comfort to your home

A cosy atmosphere in a room is the result of many different factors. Apart from a pleasant room temperature you also want to ensure that the air in the room is as uncontaminated as possible, i.e., free from chemicals, allergens or mildew. With the right insulation, which can even reduce radiation exposure from external sources, you can easily achieve this goal.

Insulation bans draughts and saves heating costs
Whether you find the room temperature pleasant depends on more than just the temperature of the air. If, for example, the walls are cold, there is a draught and the room does not feel cosy. Insulated walls, however, have warm surfaces. Separating walls, ceilings and floors should have a surface temperature of 18°C to 19°C to prevent unpleasant draughts. And: the higher the walls’ surface temperature, the lower the air temperature can be. In other words: you need less heating to still create a cosy atmosphere.

Insulation paves the way to an uncontaminated indoor climate
Good insulation such as LINITHERM does not outgas, i.e., produces no contamination from chemicals or allergens. So check out our insulation systems for the “pure life” label. LINITHERM’s aluminium lining also protects from exterior electro-magnetic exposure.
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Insulation protects from wetness and moisture
Well insulated and ventilated rooms leave no space for mildew. As the insulation increases the wall surface temperature, condensation caused by greater temperature differences hardly stands a chance.
Furthermore, insulating with LINITHERM protects your home from unfavourable weather because, even if the roof cladding is damaged, it remains stable, is tight and—contrary to other insulating materials—absorbs neither water nor moisture.

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