Add to and preserve the value of existing buildings:
insulation protects and increases the market value

Insulating ensures a cosy home and protects your property for decades. Apart from value preservation, protection from external influences such as thunder or hailstorms plays an important role here. LINITHERM insulation systems from rigid PU foam are in an exceptional position because they have dimensional stability, compression strength and moisture-resistance.

Insulation increases the value of a property
Today, more property buyers than ever pay attention to low energy costs. As you are obliged to state the energy consumption in your announcement of sale, houses with a low primary energy need have a better chance on the market. Insulating is the most effective measure to achieve this goal. Furthermore, such renovation and restoration tasks improve a house’s visual appearance.

Insulation gives houses a longer lease on life
A fully insulated home has an additional “protective shell”, keeping the building structure from damaging influences. Small tears on the outside, caused by temperature variations or extreme heat and cold, are safely bridged by the tight, dimensionally stable LINITHERM insulation.

LINITHERM in particular protects from wind and weather
Extreme weather is significantly on the rise. Hail- and thunderstorm in particular can damage roof coverings. If you have LINITHERM as insulation on your roof, you have a safe barrier against water ingress. Due to the dimensional stability and compression strength of the insulation boards, the roof always remains tight. Contrary to other insulating material, insulating elements from rigid PU foam absorb neither water nor moisture.

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