LINZMEIER. Guiding Principles.

The LINZMEIER guiding principles embody our corporate self-image and our basic principles for doing business and working in the Linzmeier group of companies. The aim of our guiding principles is to foster a corporate culture of trust.
Employees and management are motivated and empowered to personally assume responsibility and to encourage teamwork and cooperation. The guiding principles give direction and provide transparency for the requirements placed on employees and management.
At the same time, the purpose of LINZMEIER’s guiding principles is to show our business partners—customers and suppliers alike—the values and objectives of the Linzmeier corporation.

I. Mission

1. Mission LINZMEIER is a leading provider in insulation, construction and saving energy.

  • We are a medium-sized owner-managed family company with roots in the crafts trade
  • We provide the construction sector with high-quality insulation systems for insulating roofs, walls, ceilings, floors; building elements for facades; a wide selection of building materials; DIY items and solutions for alternative energy generation.

II. Customers, suppliers

2. Customers, suppliers LINZMEIER is a reliable partner for customers and suppliers.

  • Our products and services have been designed to provide our customers with the best experience, together with outstanding quality, excellent customer service and on-time deliveries.
  • We partner with our suppliers and expect to be supplied on time with very good quality and based on the best framework conditions.

III. Employees

3. Employees Happy employees safeguard LINZMEIER’s success.

  • We listen to our employees.
  • Flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths increase our company’s clout and result in speedy decisions.
  • Our employees are characterised by an above-average commitment to their work, independence and personal initiative, entrepreneurial thinking and pragmatism.
  • We offer all employees a secure workplace with many different options for learning and development.
  • Developing our employees with an eye to the long term means that we train young people and then enable them to stay with the company.
  • Managers and their excellent role-model behaviour encourage every single employee to develop to the best of their abilities and strengthen promising target-oriented teamwork.
  • Our collaboration is based on respectful interaction between all employees and the management.

IV. Products

4. Products LINZMEIER offers innovative products, systems and solutions.

  • The company’s progress is ensured by continuously evolving our products, system solutions, technologies, processes and services in all areas.
  • The flexibility and creativity of our team help to further evolve our portfolio.
  • Consultation from our qualified experts ensures that our products and solutions can be used safely and have a long lifetime, for the benefit and well-being of our customers.
  • Modern, energy-efficient production systems and environmentally friendly, diligent and responsible handling of all resources allow for a high level of product quality. Management systems ensure reliable and safe workflows and processes.

V. Vision

5. Vision LINZMEIER—Our Vision and Mission.

  • In order to keep our company future-proof, we continually aim to work and trade in line with profitability considerations.
  • We strive to maintain long-term, consistent and fair relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • Our employees have excellent technical qualifications and very good social skills. They are motivated, committed and team-focused.
  • We develop innovative, groundbreaking and sustainable products, solutions and systems.
  • With what we do and produce we assume responsibility for the environment and society.

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