LINZMEIER Business units

LINITHERM - insulation system for roofs, ceilings, walls, and floors

Buildings can be insulated quickly, easily, and cost-effectively with LINITHERM. Thanks to the ingenious system edges, the panels are installed with smooth, air and windproof joints without thermal bridges. All the elements manufactured by us with a PU rigid foam core [λD=0,022 bis 0,029 W/(mK)] under tight quality control, are dimensionally stable, pressure resistant, non-ageing, and recyclable. LINITHERM offers optimum insulation for every building element. In this way, every building can be protected from cold in winter and heat in summer – from the cellar to the roof.

LINIT – compound panels for façades

LINIT provides planners with a coherent system for economic construction, and designers with a fascinating source for impressive façades. In addition, LINIT panels are used as wall or partition elements, as door or gate filler panels, and also in air conditioning and automotive applications.

LITEC – dormer and wall construction systems

This is the product area where our roots in the handicrafts business can still be sensed. LITEC construction systems offer innovative and energy-saving building elements and detailed solutions for commercial and for residential buildings. Hereby, and thanks to the high prefabrication level, savings in time and money are achieved during installation.

LINIREC – building panels

During manufacturing and installation of LINITHERM insulation systems, valuable PU rigid foam waste and leftovers are generated. From the finely shredded waste material, new high-grade LINIREC building panels are manufactured using the pressure-bonding process – our way of dealing responsibly with waste, and our contribution to resource conservation.

Business unit Linzmeier Building Materials

As a strong partner in house construction, we offer a comprehensive range of building products for craftsmen, construction companies, and private persons. More than 8000 top-quality branded products are available at competitive prices from four locations: in Riedlingen and Ehingen, and in Ochsenhausen, Laichingen and Langenau.

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