Your property has come of age but you do not have the money for the necessary restoration work?

Get money for free

Better insulation, fewer costs and get money from the state!

Sample calculation: we are using a specific property to show you how better insulation gives you financial benefits while doing even more for the environment.

If you insulate, you need to follow the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV 2014). This statutory regulation defines a binding restoration standard for all types of components. In particular, you need to check the thermal protection.

If you replace your existing roof, you have to insulate it. For a steep roof, EnEV stipulates a heat transition coefficient (U-value) of 0.24W/(m²K), and for a flat roof a U-value of 0.20W/(m²K). In order to achieve these values you normally need to install insulation.

In case of a new roof we recommend insulation on the rafters, giving you the best insulating effect because it provides a full-faced seamless shell for your roof.

Plan your restoration before taking action with an expert!

If you want to receive funding, you need to use one of the energy experts from the list of energy-efficiency experts for federal funding programmes (www.energy-effizienz-experten.de).

The assessor will plan the restoration and also fill in the application documents for your funding. The costs for the assessor are also part of your funding.

Once you have determined all the technical details of your restoration project, you need to send your application to the KfW Development Loan Corporation before starting the project. Please visit www.KfW.de, programme number 430, for all the required documents and application forms.

Sample calculation for a specific property

This economic efficiency calculation compares

  • mineral fibre insulation and LINITHERM insulation according to EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance) regulations and an eligible
  • LINITHERM insulation according to the KfW Development Loan Corporation stipulations.

The detached house, built in 1945, is located in Winterstettenstadt, Germany. The roof (roof area of 244.95sqm, insulation area of 182.32sqm) was insulated using a 160mm above-rafter LINITHERM PAL polymer insulation. The building contractor chose the better insulation because it was more cost-effective for them.

Installation time, including setting up and taking down the scaffolding, was only 8 days because LINITHERM can be installed quickly and easily.

What it means to improve the insulating performance

If you would like to receive funding from the KfW Development Loan Corporation, your flat or steep roof insulation must achieve the improved U-value of 0.14W/(m²K). This high thermal insulation value necessitates a suitable insulation thickness, which varies by insulation material. If you use mineral fibre, you will need about twice the insulation thickness compared to LINITHERM. And LINITHERM being a lot lighter in many cases also eliminates the need for increasing the depth of your rafters. Hence you have decreased your restoration costs. So with LINITHERM you are on the safe side. What is that in real money? See this sample detached house.

If your insulation performance is better than what EnEV 2014 stipulates, you can apply for an investment grant from the KfW Development Loan Corporation (programme number 430), amounting to 10% of the capital costs, or a maximum of €5,000 per housing unit. This grant does not have to be paid back.

Before the restoration.
LINITHERM L+D foil for air- and wind-tight insulation.
LINITHERM above-rafter insulation provides a tight shell for the entire roof without thermal bridges.
After the restoration.

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