LINIT composite panels for balustrades and façades

LINIT balustrade & façade elements satisfy the highest aesthetic demands.
The system combines airiness with universal functionality, plus fast and simple installation.

The façade is the architectural eye-catcher of a building. But innovative façade materials provide more than just a pleasing appearance. LINIT composite panels make a lasting contribution for reducing the energy consumption for heating and cooling. In combination with sound insulation, they reduce noise from outside, and as fire-protection elements, they offer fire resistance class up to W90. On request, the panels can also be supplied as impact-resistant, intrusion-resistant, and bulletproof versions. And all these features come with an extremely slim structure. Apart from special versions, we also offer a wide range of standard panels.

For all post-and-beam constructions

Low weight, simple handling & processing, and easy installation of the panels reduce construction time. The elements are manufactured with utmost precision, are dimensionally stable, and durable.

Edge profiles
LINIT balustrade & façade elements are available for every type of post-and-beam construction. Individual edge profiles – rabetted or grooved, and manufactured with utmost precision – ensure simple and fast installation.

Facings and functional surfaces for every design and every requirement

With rear enamelling, metallizing, or printed in the corporate colours more

Aluminium, steel or with aluminium designer sheets for special effects more

Smooth or grooved, with pine, spruce, oak, mahogany more

in many colours and wood decors more

Puts colour into the architecture. The wide assortment ranges from plain hues and creative patterns up to the natural world of wood veneers. This diversity permits precisely matched designs more

Insulation core
The elements meet the highest demands regarding thermal insulation, soundproofing, and fire protection, and have been optimally designed for their applications:

Space-saving with maximum insulation values
Vacuum insulation panel [λD=0,007 W/(mK)] provides extremely good thermal insulation in an impressively slim construction. It is no thicker than insulating glass more

High-performance thermal insulation and protection (DIN 4108)
An insulating core of PU rigid foam with low thermal conductance [λD=0.022 bis 0.028 W/(mK)] ensures highest energy efficiency – reduced heating costs in winter, less energy consumption for the aircon system in summer – and pleasant working and manufacturing conditions, thanks to a well-balanced indoor climate throughout the year more

Fire protection (DIN 4102)
Insulating materials based on mineral fibres meet the building inspection requirements “non-combustible”. Apart from optimum fire protection, they also have good thermal insulating properties [λD=0.035 / 0.040 W/(mK)]. In case of higher demands regarding fire protection, e.g. in high-rise and commercial buildings, public assembly places, hospitals and schools, LINIT panels can be fitted with an additional fire protecting facing more

Soundproofing (DIN 4109)
Soundproofing Regardless of whether external or internal noise is to be lessened, when combined with a soundproofing facing, LINIT panels achieve sound reduction values up to 50 dB more

Intrusion resistant and bulletproof
In an intrusion test conducted by the IFT Rosenheim, the basic element LINIT ALYAL (with aluminium facing on both sides, and an insulation core of PU rigid foam) was rated as Class WK2 without any additional measures. A higher rating is possible by combining the basic element with innovative thin-film sensor technology.

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