LINIT edge profiles

LINIT composite panels – Edge profiles

Optimum edge profiles for every panel mounting system

Individual edge profiles of LINIT panels ensure simple and fast installation.

Edge profile with foil

Coating with aluminized PP foil is a cost-effective method to obtain fire integrity. However, this solution is susceptible to mechanical damage due to incorrect handling on the construction site. If the aluminized foil is damaged, an expert repair is essential to ensure the vapour-proof fire integrity of the panel.

Note: Self-adhesive aluminium films are not suitable, as they reduce the thermal insulation value in the border region. This point is particularly important in cases with unfavourable panel shapes (large circumference in relationship to panel area).

Sealed edge profile

Edge profiles sealed with a suitable compound are far better. The two-component silicone sealing compound guarantees a hermetic seal. This material has proved its worth for many years in the insulating glass industry.

Plus factors: Minimum risk of damage, simpler handling on the construction site, durability, absolute vapour tightness, etc. The slightly higher costs for this type of edge sealing will be amortized quickly due to the outstanding technical and structural-physical properties.

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