LINIT panels with fire protection

LINIT fire protection panels

A protective shield in case of fire

Higher fire protection requirements, which are derived from state building regulations and, if necessary, existing fire protection concepts, apply in multi-storey and office buildings, meeting venues, hospitals and schools. The main components of LINIT fire protection panels consist of non-flammable materials. However, the key factor is always the complete system with frame and clamping situation. The necessary fire tests must therefore also be carried out, if necessary, in conjunction with the planned frame system. Classification only for the panel is strictly speaking not possible.

Facings and functional surfaces for every interior design and every requirement.

Glass, aluminium or Glasal (fibre cement) are used for the outer facing. Behind the facing is a fire protection panel made of silicate (e.g. Promatect).

Insulation core:

High-performance thermal insulation and protection (DIN 4108)
The insulation core consists of a mineral fibre panel with [λD=0.034 W/(mK)]. Of course, the requirements for thermal and soundproofing are also fulfilled apart from fire protection, so that all the structural-physical demands are met by one panel.

Fire protection test - Officially tested & approved
LINIT fire protection panels W90 were tested by the Construction Materials Testing Institute MPA (Materialprüfanstalt für das Bauwesen) in Braunschweig acc. to DIN 4102, Part 3: W30 = abP No. 3565/2630-MPA BS - Renewal applied.

Tests for other variants or higher requirements can be authorised, if necessary, in cooperation with the system provider or builders.

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