LINIT panel with sound proof

LINIT soundproofing panels

The core of the matter

Apart from fire protection and thermal insulation, LINIT panels can also fulfill the requirements for sound protection, so that all the structural-physical demands are met by one panel, without any additional measures.
By selecting the insulation core or by means of an additional soundproofing facing, LINIT panels achieve sound reduction values up to 55 dB.

Guaranteed quality
For every element, we provide a guarantee for the object-specific and practice-proven composite material.

Balustrades and façades, door filler panels

Facings and functional surfaces for every interior design and every requirement

Glass or metal (e.g. Sendzimir galvanized sheet steel) are used for the outer facing.

Insulation core:

High-performance thermal insulation and protection (DIN 4108)
An insulating core of PU rigid foam with low thermal conductance [λD=0.022 W/(mK)]) ensures highest energy efficiency – reduced heating costs in winter, less energy consumption for the aircon system in summer – and pleasant working and manufacturing conditions, thanks to a well-balanced indoor climate throughout the year.


Soundproofing (DIN 4109)
An additional soundproofing facing plus “heavy” layers such as silicate panels, heavy-duty foils, fibre cement, etc., ensure optimum sound reduction values. Regardless of whether external or internal noise is to be lessened, the combination enables LINIT panels to achieve sound reduction values up to 50 dB.

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