LINIT Paneele - Innovative construction and revolutionary insulation with vacuum

Innovative construction and revolutionary insulation with vacuum

LINIT VIP vacuum panels offer entirely new design possibilities due to their slim construction with maximum insulation values

LINIT VIP can be installed in all post-and-beam constructions and window frame elements.
Because it is no thicker than insulating glass, it can be combined with glass elements without problems.
Various thicknesses comply with the different demands in terms of insulation and mechanical loading.

Balustrades and façades, door filler panels, conservatories, cold storage cells

Facings and functional surfaces for every interior design and every requirement

LINIT VIP is available with facings of aluminium, steel, glass, Pelicolor, and fibre cement.

Insulation core:

Highest insulation values with minimum thickness
The innovative insulating panel with its microporous core made of silicic acid (SIO2) has the excellent insulating properties of vacuum. It is dimensionally stable and temperature resistant up to max. 80 °C.

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