LINIT roller shutter casings

LINIT cover for roller shutter casing

The rugged cover with high-performance insulation

Prevent thermal bridges
DIN 4108-2 specifies an R-value of 0.55 m²K/W for roller shutter casing covers. Just 20 mm of PU rigid foam are enough to exceed this value.
Decisive hereby are the excellent insulation values of λD ≤ 0.023 W/(mK)* and λD ≤ 0.028 W/(mK), with minimum panel thicknesses. Consequently, the space inside the casing remains generous.
Insulation of the window frame is recommended in order to achieve the required temperature factor fRsi of 0.7. This can be done by profiling the LINIT roller shutter casing cover or with an additional strip of insulation above the window frame. Sealing tape is used on site to provide an airtight seal.
With additional functional layers, the panels also meet higher soundproofing requirements.

LINIT covers for roller shutter casings fit every casing
LINIT covers for roller shutter casings are manufactured in various standard or customized thicknesses, and with the required edge profiles – smooth, rabetted, or grooved. Various facings for indoors and outdoors provide the right solution for every application. The layered construction of chipboard and PU rigid foam ensures the necessary torsional stiffness and outstanding strength – also with large panel dimensions. Lengths up to 5.31 meters are manufactured as a single piece.

Facings and functional surfaces for every interior design and every requirement

LINIT covers for roller shutter casings can be adapted to different installation situations without problems. Various facings are available: untreated (can be painted and wallpapered), coated with a white PVC foil, or with a melamine resin coat.

Insulation core:

High-performance thermal insulation and protection (DIN 4108)
An insulating core of PU rigid foam with low thermal conductance [λD=0.022 / 0.025 / 0.026 / 0.028 W/(mK)] ensures highest energy efficiency – reduced heating costs in winter, less energy consumption for the aircon system in summer – and pleasant working and manufacturing conditions, thanks to a well-balanced indoor climate throughout the year more

Edge profiles
LINIT roller shutter covers are available with the required edge profiles – smooth, rabetted, or grooved.

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