Flat roof board


The boards have matching start and end dimensions. There are up to 8 different board thicknesses to create a tight insulation area of up to 9.6m. Wider and/or longer roof areas are installed in 2 or more layers.

The chamfered insulation boards create a slight slope when they are installed. Rain and condensation are safely channelled to the water discharge at the lowest point of the roof.

LINITHERM ridge turrets optimize the drainage on flat roofs. They can be installed on new buildings as well as subsequently without much effort on existing flat roofs.

If extremely low connection heights leave only little space for insulation, then LINITHERM PQP is your system of choice. The structure is extremely thin, even for maximum insulation performance. The rooms below are optimally protected.

The high-performance insulation material insulates effectively with low layers. The light weight of the elements enables quick and cost-effective installation.

LINITHERM PGV withstands even high temperature variations of -30 °C in winter up to +90 °C in summer. For a short time, it is even temperature-resistant up to +250 °C, so it is easy to weld sealing layers onto it. LINITHERM flat roof-insulation boards are lightweight and easy to use.

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