LINITHERM PQP – Ultrathin and with excellent thermal insulation properties: LINITHERM PQP with a vacuum core for flat roofs, balconies or rooftop terraces.

If extremely low connection heights leave only little space for insulation, then LINITHERM PQP is your system of choice. The structure is extremely thin, even for maximum insulation performance. The rooms below are optimally protected.

In perfect professional quality

  • Vacuum core with LINITHERM PG face sheets on both sides
  • Low structure
  • Low weight
  • High compression strength
  • Dimensional stability and accuracy
  • Moisture-insensitive
  • Ideal for flat roofs, patios and balconies

For PUR(E) energy saving

  • Combines two high-performance insulation materials: Vacuum und PU rigid foam
  • λD 0.028 W/(mK)
  • Positive building biology

Insulation for flat roofs - LINITHERM PQP

Insulation core 20 mm vacuum insulation, fire behavior class E acc. to EN 13501-1
Outer layers 10 mm PU rigid foam acc. to EN 13165 on each side, fire behavior class E acc. to EN 13501-1, coated with mineral fleece on both sides
Edge joints Round about edgeless cut, covered with tape
λD PU (EN 13165) 0.028 W/(mK)
λD vacuum 0.0066 W/(mK)
Thickness mm
Thickness mm
vacuum element
40201200 × 6000.27
40201200 × 3000.27
4020600 × 3000.27
4020600 × 1500.27
60401200 × 6000.15
60401200 × 3000.15
6040600 × 3000.15
6040600 × 1500.15
1) U-value calculation takes the thermal transfer resistance Rsi = 0.1 [m²K/W] and Rse = 0.04 [m²K/W] into account. Building-specific characteristics for example as per EN ISO 6946 are not taken into account.
»pure life« certification applies to PU insulation board
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