Over-rafter insulation


LINITHERM PAL N+F with specially designed edge joints. Sections created when insulating coving can simply be turned around and installed on the opposite side. This saves material and time.

LINITHERM LOOP PAL N+F is highly efficient, sustainable, healthy for living and protects the climate.

Smooth nut-and-groove joints and the printed grid make the installation quick and easy. Thanks to the robust sarking membrane with self-adhesive overlaps, the insulation layer can also double up as a temporary roof covering.

The precise nut-and-groove joint ensures an insulation surface without thermal bridges as well as quick and safe insulation even of large roof surfaces. Quickly, easily and economically to a subroof that is rainproof and/or, with additional measures, also watertight. The breathable and tear-resistant high-quality sarking membrane with TPU coating turns the insulation layer into the second aquiferous layer.

LINITHERM PGV T improves the weak points of a pure between-rafter insulation. The roof construction remains streamlined and stays protected in a dry area. Easy retrofitting in old buildings: attics remain clean and undisturbed while the work is carried out.

LINITHERM PGV Flex excellently insulates arched roofs, sawtooth roofs, roofs of listed buildings with extreme distortions, eyebrow dormers or dormers with arched lintels.

Together with further LINITHERM above-rafter insulation systems, LINITHERM PAL SIL T combines many functions: optimum thermal insulation, internal face sheet for customised room design, and much more. The ideal insulation solution even for listed buildings.

LINITHERM PAL 2UM is twice the protection in just one workstep: it combines the excellent thermal insulation of rigid PU foam with the highly efficient noise insulation of mineral fibre. This creates a noise-protected, pleasant living atmosphere, reducing heating costs and protecting the environment.

LINITHERM PAL HW combines thermal insulation, protection from electrosmog and full-faced substructure for planking in just a single element. These systems are bonded on one side with a wood fibre board and designed for old or new roofs.

LINITHERM PAL HWM is quadruple protection in one workstep: thermal and noise insulation, protection from electrosmog and full-faced subconstruction for planking in just a single element.

LINITHERM PAL XXL for safe insulation on a large scale. This “one-piece” insulating material has key benefits: Installing it on calm roof surfaces is particularly quick and, thanks to longitudinal tongue and groove connection, safe and easy. The roof surface is protected from the rain in no time at all. The robust pressure-resistant insulation core made from rigid PU foam is laminated with tin foil on both sides. A breathable high-quality sarking membrane with an 8cm overlap and TPU coating on both sides ensures a safe shield from rain, hail, snow and wind. In combination with LINITHERM nail sealing tape, this achieves a rain-proof subroof in accordance with the technical rules of ZVDH (Central Association of German Roofers).

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