LINITHERM PAL N+F – The insulation on rafters for economical and low-waste installation even on busy roofs. Can be used on both sides

LINITHERM PAL N+F with specially designed edge joints. Sections created when insulating coving can simply be turned around and installed on the opposite side. This saves material and time.

In perfect professional quality

  • Highest hail resistance class (5)
  • With integral vapour barrier
  • With anti-glare surface
  • With printed grid for fast installation
  • Thermal insulation plus diffusion membrane
  • Suitable as temporary roof covering in combination with LINITHERM nail sealing tape
  • Full-surface, seamless insulation

For PUR(E) energy saving

  • Insulating core made of PU rigid foam
  • λD 0.022 W/(mK)
  • Positive building biology

Over-rafter insulation system - LINITHERM PAL N+F

Insulation core PU rigid foam acc. to EN 13165, fire behavior class E acc. to EN 13501-1, coated with aluminum film on both sides
Edge joints Tongue & groove pressfit joints on all sides, plus additional tongue & groove on the long sides with 6 cm overlap
Please note Joint sealing tape 1060 × 40 mm for sealing the short sides is always included in delivery
Overall dimension 2420 × 1000 mm (= calculation measurement)
λD (EN 13165) 0.022 W/(mK)
Thickness mm 80* 100 120 140 160 180* 200* 240*
U-value2) W/(m²K) 0.26 0.21 0.18 0.15 0.13 0.12 0.11 0.09
* Might have longer delivery times.
1) Roof pitch as specified, and in accordance with the rules of the ZVDH (Central Association of German Roofers).
2) U-value, taking the thermal transfer resistance Rsi=0.1 [m²K/W] and Rse=0.1 [m²K/W] into account.
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