LINITHERM PGV Flex – The sloped-roof insulation for domed roofs or for insulation between rafters

LINITHERM PGV Flex excellently insulates arched roofs, sawtooth roofs, roofs of listed buildings with extreme distortions, eyebrow dormers or dormers with arched lintels.

In perfect professional quality

  • Moulds perfectly into rounded components
  • Flexibly adjusts from small to large radii
  • Interdigitating slotted surface for a snug fit
  • Breathably bonded with mineral fleece
  • Hot asphalt-resistant
  • With compression strength and dimensional stability

For PUR(E) energy saving

  • Insulating core made of PU rigid foam
  • λD 0.026/0.028 W/(mK)
  • Positive building biology

Over-rafter insulation system - LINITHERM PGV Flex

Insulation core PU rigid foam acc. to EN 13165, fire behavior class E acc. to EN 13501-1, coated with mineral fleece on both sides, insulation elements slotted on both sides
Edge joints Round about edgeless cut
Please note When building the sub-roof and the entire roof support structure, the rules of the trade as well as the notes and guidelines in the separate Linzmeier leaflet must be observed.
Overall dimension 2440 × 1200 mm (= calculation measurement)
Thickness mm λD W/(mK)
acc. to EN 13165
U-value W/(m²K)
120 (60+60) 0.23
140 (60+80) 0.20
160 (80+80) 0.17
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