LITEC construction system

LITEC—customised building elements with integrated insulation for walls, roofs and dormers

The pre-fabricated LITEC building elements enable the customised realisation of new buildings, annexes, conversions and modernisations in no time.

The WBS wall construction system goes well with every other building material and is ideal for modernising and extending existing commercial buildings and other properties.

The LITEC DBS roof building system harmonises with every other building material and is ideal to modernise or expand existing commercial or residential buildings.

Restoring existing dormers is often very problematic. The LITEC GS dormer restoration board is a system solution specially designed for meeting the requirements of energy efficiency, in particular when restoring existing buildings.

Sandwich elements prevent thermal bridges in the wedged-on area to maintain the streamlined visual appearance.

The wedge of a skylight serves to illuminate and ventilate rooms under flat or flat sloping roofs. LITEC DAR fulfils high energy efficiency requirements when it comes to new buildings and refurbishment.

The insulating frames from LINIREC recycling building panels are not only suitable for new buildings and in passive house construction, but also for the renovation of old buildings, whether installation takes place above, between or underneath the rafters, under the rafters.

The installation of flat skylights is recommendable in order to obtain as much daylight as possible in rooms underneath flat roofs. The skylight base is quickly installed, as it is mechanically highly resilient and prefabricated down to every detail.

Pre-assembled, for new and old buildings, with delivery directly to the building site for rapid and cost-effective installation.

The LITEC energy roof unites all functions of a good roof. It neither requires a substructure nor an additional roof covering, for examples by means of tiles. It is suitable for all gabled and monopitch roofs.

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