LITEC energy roof – The customized building system for ridged and monopitch roofs

The LITEC energy roof unites all functions of a good roof. It neither requires a substructure nor an additional roof covering, for examples by means of tiles. It is suitable for all gabled and monopitch roofs.

In perfect professional quality

  • With power-generating, flexible roof sheeting
  • Electric power is generated under all daylight conditions
  • No sub-structure required

For PUR(E) energy saving

  • Insulating core made of PU rigid foam
  • No roofing, e.g. tiles, is required
  • Safe planning and short building time thanks to a high level of prefabrication

LITEC energy roof

Insulation core PU rigid foam acc. to EN 13165, fire behavior class E acc. to EN 13501-1, coated with mineral fleece on both sides
Facing Inside: derived wood panel P5, 22 mm thick; Plastic roof sheeting outside, with integral photovoltaic modules
Please note Individual factory-made parts, including wooden construction elements
Length Max. 13.000 mm, according to building dimensions
Width Optimized for building dimensions
Outout ca. 45 Wp/m²
Thickness mm 315 335 355
U-value [W/(m²K)] 0.16 0.14 0.13
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