LINITHERM insulation systems

LINITHERM – the thin insulation system with solutions from cellar to roof

With LINITHERM you can insulate your house to meet any required energy-saving standard – up to the passive house standard. Minimum heat loss in winter, and protection from heat in summer. Due to the efficient thermal insulation, the HVAC system can be significantly smaller and therefore more cost effective.

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LITEC construction system

LITEC—customised building elements with integrated insulation for walls, roofs and dormers

The pre-fabricated LITEC building elements enable the customised realisation of new buildings, annexes, conversions and modernisations in no time.

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LINIT composite panels

LINIT—design element, thermal insulation and heat protection all in one, for modern facades and balustrades

Surface material, colours and type of insulating core can be chosen depending on design and requirement on the building safety.

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LINIREC building panels

LINIREC construction boards provide a high-quality material for indoor and outdoor use. Excellent product properties in connection with a thermally insulating function make the boards a jack-of-all-trades amongst materials—with compelling benefits compared to chipboard or wood fibre boards.

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