Thermal insulation on the rafters

Thanks to its special clamped and pressed nut-and-groove joints, steep roof insulation results in a homogenous wind-tight diffusion membrane without thermal bridges right after installation. In connection with a nail sealing tape that is part of the LINITHERM system, this membrane can act as a temporary roof covering. The entire roof construction is fully in the warm area; the L+D foil that is also part of the system is installed underneath the boards and acts as the airtight layer.

Property: Apartment building in Neunkirchen, Germany
Construction project: Restoration

Product used:
Over-rafter insulation LINITHERM PAL N+F 120 mm

Old factory with excellent living experience

Revitalising historic buildings often falls through due to conservation status, in particular if you want to raise old structures to the level of modern energy standards. The prerequisite was a streamlined highly efficient insulation layer—one of the reasons why architect Delfs chose LINITHERM PAL N+F. Benefits: on the hip roof of the metalworking shop also because, after cutting it precisely, rest material could be turned and fitted on the other side of the hip.

Property: Kammgarnspinnerei in Brandenburg/Havel
Construction project: Restoration
Architect: Detlev Delfs

Product used:
Over-rafter insulation LINITHERM PAL N+F 200 mm

“Kulturstadl” venue in Amberg, Germany—a historic gem

A historic building, originally used as a storeroom and a stable, was about to be demolished. The restoration turned it into a cabaret and attractive living space.
Insulating on the rafters with LINITHERM PAL SIL T offers many benefits: homogenous insulation without thermal bridges, rigid polyurethane (PU) foam as a high-performance insulation material for high insulating effect, usable even for very small board thicknesses, quick and easy installation. The inside can be plastered, painted or wallpapered.

Property: Kulturstadl in Amberg, Germany
Construction project: Restoration

Product used:
Over-rafter insulation LINITHERM SIL T

Flat insulation for flat roofs

In the face of ever more stringent stipulations of the Energy Saving Ordinance, the future lies with streamlined insulation systems such as LINITHERM. They give planners and architects far more design scope than do most of the other systems.

Property: Westarkaden in Freiburg, Germany
Construction project: New building
Architect: A.M. Jacek Pawlowski

Product used:
Flat roof insulation LINITHERM PGV, 240 mm
Attic elements for dry installation without thermal bridges

Property: Apartment buildings in Burgau, Germany
Construction project: Restoration

Product used:
Attic insulation LINITHERM P OSB, 128 mm
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