250-year-old school between tradition and modern spirit

Built in 1756, this school was converted into a community centre. The task was to integrate three very different, separate functional areas into the structure of an old half-timbered building, while meeting all the present requirements on structural safety, noise insulation and energy optimisation.

Property: Community centre in Altdorf, Germany
Construction project: Restoration
Architect: Prof. Dr. Dieter Sengler
Product used:

Over-rafter insulation LINITHERM PAL Polymer 160 mm
Outside wall insulation LINITHERM PAL W 160 mm
Total restoration yielded a 100 efficiency home

Generally speaking, when restoring a building it is advisable to use an exterior insulation finishing system rather than interior insulation. In exceptional cases, however, energy optimising through interior insulation may make sense, just like it did for the old railway station building in Bad Wurzach, Germany. It is always an advantage that the insulating materials enable streamlined component diameters thanks to its low TCL.

Property: Old railway station in Bad Wurzach, Germany
Construction project: Restoration
Building contractors: Julian and Johannes Häfele

Product used:
Over-rafter insulation LINITHERM PAL N+F, 120 mm
Inside wall insulation LINITHERM PAL SIL, 66 mm
Insulation of cellar ceilings LINITHERM PAL KD, 60 mm

New insulation for gradients for the "Federsee museum"

The flat roof of the “Federsee museum” in Bad Buchau, Germany, was refurbished in five work processes. Only a few hours were allowed between removing the old bitumen layers and installing the new layers. Therefore, only Linzmeier’s insulation for gradients was an option for the converters: high-performance insulation material; low weight, therefore no structural issues; low structure height, therefore no need for raising the existing fascia; quickly installed without the need for numbering; with ridge-and-valley boards for highly precise channelling to the water discharge.

Property: Federseemuseum in Bad Buchau, Germany
Construction project: Restoration
Product used:
Flat roof insulation LINITHERM PAL, 100-220 mm
Gradient insulation with LINITHERM PGV, 30-130 mm
"Hof" pharmacy in Sigmaringen, Germany

Property: "Hof" pharmacy in Sigmaringen, Germany
Construction project: Restoration

Product used:
Over-rafter insulation LINITHERM PAL 2U, 100 mm
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