University of Cambridge Sports Centre

In recent years, metal roofs have gained more and more in importance in architecture as they allow attractive roof geometries and therefore unusual usage options. The sports trained in the Cambridge Sports Centre require different hall ceiling heights. To optimally balance the different height requirements, the 5,000m² roof was arched and scalled. The top of the steel beams was covered with one layer of trapezoidal steel sheet and a vapour barrier, followed by LINITHERM PAL OSB sloped-roof insulating elements with a thickness of only 135mm.

Builder: Universitiy of Cambridge
Architect: Aurp Associates, London
Building project: New building

Product used:
Roof insulation LINITHERM PAL OSB 135 mm

Thermal insulation with an inside that can be painted and/or plastered.

Built in 1865 in the Renaissance Revival style, Klein Trebbow Castle is idyllically situated on the shores of Lake Trebbow, Germany. The storage building, which was built at the end of the 19th century and belongs to the historical castle complex, also changed owners. In the case of the storage building in small Trebbow, we had the task of creating a slender roof structure to comply with the conservation status while building contractor and preservationists wanted a visible roof structure with white ceilings. An all-in-one-process—insulation and an inside that can be painted, plastered or wallpapered.

Property: Speicher Schloss Klein Trebbow
Construction project: Restoration
Product used:
Over-rafter insulation LINITHERM PAL SIL T, 66  mm
Over-rafter insulation LINITHERM PAL N+F, 80 mm

Ceiling insulation with LINITHERM PAL S

The ideal ceiling insulation system for gymnasiums, storage facilities, and production halls. The visible facing of the PUR/PIR insulating core with its aluminum film consists of white-coated chipboard, which makes the panels practically indestructible. This is particularly advantageous in gymnasiums and in rooms with higher demands on surface strength.

Property: Car repair shop in Riedlingen, Germany
Construction project: Restoration

Product used:
Ceiling insulation LINITHERM PAL S with white decor chipboard, 83 mm

The lightweight production hall ceiling for visible thermal protection

LINITHERM insulation systems combine maximum thermal insulation performance with a minimum panel thickness, high pressure-resistance, low weight and good fire protection properties.

Property: Car dealership in Riedlingen, Germany; tyre storage, lorry repair shop
Construction project: New building

Product used:
Flat roof insulation LINITHERM PAL FD, 100 mm

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