Above-rafter insulation with construction benefits

The best thing for a roof is above-rafter insulation with its structural benefits. Polyurethane, a high-performance insulation material, has a thermal conductivity level up to λD=0.022 W/(mK), making its insulating effect around two thirds better than traditional insulation of the same thickness. In the process, the roof is fully covered on one layer, ensuring no untight areas are created. Due to the absence of thermal bridges, it is particularly energy-efficient. In addition, no living space is lost—the roof grows towards the outside and the attic floor is habitable during the entire building project.

Property: Homeless shelter in Riedlingen, Germany
Construction project : Restoration

Product used:
Over-rafter insulation LINITHERM PAL N+F, 120 mm

Thermal insulation in excellent shape

LINITHERM PGV Flex is the optimum insulation for curved areas: e.g., arched roofs, sawtooth roofs, roofs of listed houses with extreme torsions, eyebrow dormers, dormers with arched lintels, etc.

Property: Retirement home, Schengen
Construction project: New building with arched roofs

Product used:
Over-rafter insulation LINITHERM PGV Flex, 80+80 mm
Newly built specialist care home in Riedlingen, Germany

Thanks to the low thermal conductivity [λD=0.022 W/(mK)] of rigid PU foam, minimal structure heights can be realised. A positive aspect for new buildings, but also for the restoration of old buildings where every millimetre counts. In particular, however: The floor can withstands loads right away. No dirt or water in the house, no waiting, no drying times as is the case with screed.

Property: Specialist care home in Riedlingen, Germany
Construction project: New building

Product used:
Floor insulation LINITHERM PAL, 60 mm
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